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Edge computing and cloud computing industry, big data era of twins


China attaches great importance to the development of the cloud industry, especially in recent years, the state issued a series of policies to encourage the development of the cloud industry, as an important starting point to promote the depth of integration of the two, the country is also under the guidance of national policy have carried out industrial cloud development plan. Is just unfolding in industrial cloud, cloud computing is still the industrial software industry upstart, with artificial intelligence, industrial data, networking technologies have been a major breakthrough and rapid popularization, some new problems in intelligent manufacturing process such as: promoting prominent logistics warehousing distribution, real time in the production of enterprise production process and data update safety, along with the terminal of intelligent equipment surge caused by the data processing amount increases exponentially...... These problems have become an important factor in the rapid growth of China's manufacturing enterprises. In such a time background, in order to solve these problems, more reasonable and efficient use of industrial big data, edge computing came into being.