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Artificial intelligence API platform

ME I Brain Industrial brain- Product detection system

Through the machine learning technology, the product carries on the non-contact visual inspection, uses the visual image to the product, and tests the quality of the product. It applies to all scenarios that use manpower to detect the quality of products through the naked eye, greatly improving the consistency and repeatability of product detection, greatly reducing the false detection rate, missing detection rate and manpower cost of product detection.

  High cost of manual detection

  Low efficiency of artificial detection

  The false detection rate of artificial detection is high

  One of the key links and difficulties of supply side reform and industrial upgrading is quality control

  Production tasks are fluctuated by market changes, and human resources need to be configured at the peak time.

  A lot of human resources are idle when the order is in the valley

  Application scene

  Identification of die processing defects

  Identification of impurities in liquid drugs

  Defect identification of steel tube surface

Surface defect identification of electroplating parts